Luxor Temple

What Are The Unique Features Of The Beautiful Luxor Temple

Egypt is a great tourist attraction destination for many people, it is known for its ancient monuments. Egypt is one of the best Asian countries that has very hospitable, friendly and welcoming to all the people who visit there. The majority of people are Islamic and that is why you you find so many ancient and new temples in that country which are open to all visitors including non Muslims.

Luxor temple is among the most beautiful temple in Egypt. Located in the east bank of river Nile. Built in honor of the Egyptian god Amon - re. Its construction begun by the pharaoh amenhotep 111 and was completed by tutankhamen. The temple is 850 feet long and 213 feet across the front. It was built using sandstone, it is a unique temple because it has only two pharaohs leave a mark on its architectural design. The pylon is the entrance to the temple. Which had six colosossals of Rameses four sitted and two standing but only two seated have remained.


You Will Have A Great Time When You Visit The Island Of Philae

Have you been hoping to find a great place to visit on your next vacation? There is nowhere that quite compares with Philae. This special island is a must-see destination. There is nothing like the beauty that you will find there. You will go back home feeling enriched by the experience of seeing this special place. There are many beautiful islands in this world for you to explore, but Philae may just be the most magnificent one out there!

You will have a great time when you travel to this island and take in all of the sites. You'll want to stick around for a good, long time. This island has a lot to offer to its visitors! When you are searching for a great, unique vacation destination Philae is the place for you to visit. It may just end up being the best vacation that you have ever take in your lifetime!

River Nile Cruise

Structures And Places To Enjoy On A Luxurious River Nile Cruise - Ancient Temples And Dams

Egypt is a famous country in sights and monuments that captivates many tourist’s imaginations. Every year, Egypt, welcomes millions of tourists to its massive structures like pyramids and temple sites. But one of the best ways to see these amazing ruins would be going on a River Nile cruise.

Bearing in mind that most of the country’s land is deserted, it is almost obvious that most of the civilization is mostly concentrated along the Nile River. Therefore, going on River Nile cruise vacation is one of the best experience that a tourist can have in Egypt. This Egypt’s source of live is also the longest river in the world.

Most of the fantastic sights are located between Aswan and Luxor cities. The sights include Kom Ombo town and Edfu. At Luxor city, tourists are able to get a view of Karak Temple complexes the largest and one of the best temple complexes in the whole of Egypt. Thebes city, an ancient city, is also the home to the Valley of the Kings, a place known as the recovery for child king Tutankhamen’s tomb. Horus Temple, the most well maintained temple in Egypt, is in Edfu. River Nile cruise will also get you to see the temple of Haroeris and the double temple of Sobek in Kom Ombo.

Another river Nile cruise is travelling from Sharm el sheikh to Cairo. The waters around Sharm el sheikh town are best for scuba diving for both experienced and beginner scuba divers. A Sharm el sheikh excursion takes you to Ras Muhammad national park, an island that protects the Peninsula land and seas from human encroachment. It is also a hub to golfing activities. The great Aswan High Dam and the granite quarries are located in Aswan, places you can access on your River Nile cruise.

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